The heart of a True Servant

What does this look like? A Servant is defined as ‘A person who performs duties for others and is a devoted and helpful follower or supporter.’ A servant: Is under submission to another Serves others by fulfilling their needs Surrenders their will and rights Has no agenda or hidden motive other than to do the […]

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Spending time with God

It is so important for us to focus on our relationship with God, no matter how young or old we are. Like any relationship, the level of intimacy you have with someone is dependent on the amount of time you spend with them and this is the same with God. He loves us and desires […]

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Leave your past in the past…

Sometimes, we hold back from having an intimate relationship with God, starting the ideas and dreams we have planned for years, making commitments and so on because of our past experiences (burdens, pain, rejection, betrayal etc). Living in your past can prevent you from obeying the will of God, knowing your true identity in Christ […]

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The power in your obedience

We tend to hear ‘obey the Lord…, thou shall not…, I command you to…’ in the Word for example, the 10 commandments (Exodus 20) moreover we see different acts of obedience through people’s lives, such as Abraham, Deborah and Jesus. Why is this the case? God requires us to do certain things that will benefit […]

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True worship

What is worship? Worship is so much deeper than just a song, lifting up your hands or shedding a couple of tears. It is when we enter God’s presence with our spirit, mind and heart focused on Him and we show Him our appreciation by surrendering all to Him. It is a matter of the […]

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